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MDG Houston combines artistry and science to deliver beautiful, healthy smiles designed to last a lifetime.

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Proper alignment of your teeth is more about your overall oral health than it is about the cosmetic outcome.

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Restoring a tooth with a filling or crown  helps preserve your tooth without compromising natural tooth structure.

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Replacing a missing tooth helps to prevent teeth from shifting, additional tooth loss and preserves your ability to chew.

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Periodontics (Gums)


The link between gum health and systemic, chronic disease is what drives our approach to evidence-based periodontal health.

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We work with you to find the right balance of home care and office visits that will help keep your smile healthy and bright.

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Invisalign in Montrose

Straight, Healthy Teeth

Orthodontics for adults was once considered a luxury treatment. But, studies show misaligned  teeth actually exacerbate periodontal health, promote excessive enamel wear and  cause gum recession. As a result, we are witnessing more and more patients opt to correct misalignment problems to avoid dental problems in the future.

As a patient of Montrose DDS, you will be afforded the latest technology in orthodontics treatment with Invisalign. Invisalign uses a system of aligners. Treatment consists of wearing upper and lower aligners  for 1-2 weeks to prepare your teeth for the next set of aligners. The aligners slowly move your teeth into the corrected position. Most see improvements in just a few weeks. 

Let Montrose Dental Group show you what Invisalign can do to improve the health and beauty of your smile.

Invisalign Provide Subtle & Lasting Change

Invisalign Provide Subtle & Lasting Change


Smile of Your Dreams

Whether it's your wedding, an important milestone, or simply because you've always wanted to, let Montrose DDS develop a cosmetic plan to enhance your smile. It's important to us you are part of the design process, so your participation is key to the success. After all, it is your smile. 

To begin the journey, decide on your ideal smile by looking at old photos of yourself, of celebrities, or try a Google search... perfect male/female smile. Save or print your favorites to share with us. We'll use these as a guide and work hand-in-hand with our lab to design your smile.  

There are several creative methods to enhance your smile. For instance, bonding the tooth with composite resin material can make subtle changes to the shape of your teeth. More complex changes to the shape and position of your teeth may require an interdisciplinary approach using Invisalign and porcelain veneers. 

Whether you are looking for subtle refinement or complete smile makeover, Montrose DDS will help you realize the Smile of Your Dreams


Porcelain Veeners

Ready for Your Close-up?

Being dissatisfied with your smile can take a toll on your confidence, the effects of which can be devastating on your personal and professional growth. Orthodontics can correct the position of your teeth, but it can't change their shape or color. Luckily, veneers do it all. 

Veneers are a thin, porcelain covering for the teeth. It is important to understand veneers are non-reversible and require a lifetime commitment of care and replacement. Just like your natural teeth, veneers wear and break over time and therefore, will periodically need to be replaced. 

Montrose DDS takes a multi-disciplinary approach to creating the smile of your dreams. The smile design consultation will reveal your expectations and how we can help to achieve them. If you continue to worry your smile is holding you back, request your appointment today so you are ready for your close up.



Reversible Cosmetics

Cosmetic bonding at Montrose DDS has the ability to close gaps, create length and width, and hide imperfections. It is arguably the most versatile procedure because, unlike other cosmetic procedures, it is completely reversible. 

The procedure is simple. Layers of tooth colored filling is bonded to the tooth creating width and length where needed or covering imperfections on the surface of the tooth. 

Though versatile, cosmetic bonding needs to strike the right balance; subtle changes that make those you know say, "You're looking great!", without pinpointing exactly why. It will be our little secret. 

Let Montrose DDS show you how cosmetic bonding can enhance your smile. Request your appointment now.



Keep Your Natural Teeth

When restoring a fine piece of furniture or a Stradivarius, it's important to retain as much of the original craftsmanship as possible so it retains its integrity. This is also true of teeth. 

Enamel is the hardest material in the human body. Preserving it in its most natural state is best. Genetics plays a key role in determining how easy or difficult it is to maintain healthy enamel. When enamel is compromised with decay or fractures, it is best to restore it quickly to preserves the tooth's integrity. 

Restoring a tooth fall into two categories: direct and in-direct. Also known as a filling, a direct restoration replaces the portion of the enamel that is compromised using a synthetic material called composite resin, a hard and durable glass-like material that is sculpted directly on the tooth by the dentist.

An in-direct restoration, such as a crown, is a custom-made prosthesis fabricated by a highly skilled dental lab technician. The custom restoration is then cemented or bonded in place. 

Let Montrose DDS show you how to Keep Your Natural Teeth for a lifetime.  



Fillings are considered a direct restoration. This mean the dentists repairs and restores the tooth rather than a laboratory creating a custom restoration. In most instances, fillings restore the cavity where tooth decay once was. There are two types of filling material: composite resin (tooth colored) or amalgam (silver colored). 

Composite Resin 

Current iterations of composite resin are chemically bonded to the tooth and is the preferred restorative material for our patients and dentists at Montrose DDS for its ability to mimic the properties of a natural tooth. 

Another application for composite resin material is to repair minor chips and imperfections of a tooth. A process called bonding allows the teeth to be reshaped and contoured, returning them to their  previous glory. 


Also known as a silver filling, amalgam filling material is mechanically retained, a chemical bond is not needed to keep it in place. Rather, the base of the filling must be wider than its top. When hardened, the amalgam filling is locked into place. 

Amalgam fillings are notorious for cracking teeth. The metal shrinks when it's cold and expands when it's hot. Overtime, the tooth succumbs to this intense back and forth pressure. 

Amalgam fillings are also controversial because it contains up to 50% mercury. Mercury is a naturally occurring, heavy metal found in air, water and soil. Over exposure to the metal can lead to mercury poisoning, a condition that has no known cure. According to the World Health Organization, most people are exposed to methylmercury, an organic compound, found in the fatty tissues of some seafood. Amalgam fillings are stable in their hardened state. Removing them destabilizes the mercury, so special care must be taken to ensure particulate matter is controlled during the removal process. 

It should be noted, individual sensitivity to mercury may make it a poor choice for use as a dental restoration. 



Indirect Restorations

Crowns or caps, are considered an indirect restoration. This means the tooth is repaired using a custom restoration created by a highly skills dental technician in a laboratory. A crown is used to repair a tooth that no longer has enough enamel to support a filling. Other applications of a crown are to cover a dental implant, following a root canal or to improve the appearance and/or functionality of a tooth. 

The dentist has several different materials from which to choose. The old stand by is gold. It is very bio-compatible, highly resistant to wear and does not require excessive preparation of the tooth and most often used on back teeth for these reasons. However, most patients are adverse to the appearance of gold on front teeth.

Crowns fabricated from porcelain are the best alternative for front teeth because they can match the subtle shading a tooth. The newer iterations of Zirconia crowns are perfect for back teeth because they are capable of taking the pressure of chewing.  

Another material used to for crowns is a hybrid gold and porcelain. The substrate or part that contacts the tooth is made of gold, then several porcelain layers are added on top of the gold to create a very strong and aesthetically pleasing crown. This application is mostly used on back teeth where added strength is needed for chewing.

Why not contact us today to discover how Montrose DDS has the right solution to restore your smile while providing functionality that will keep your teeth for a lifetime.



An Ounce of Prevention

The term preventive care is widely used these days. But very few take advantage of its benefits. At Montrose DDS our preventive program helps to guarantee a healthy, bright smile that will last a life. The old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worthy a pound of cure"  is one of Montrose DDS's driving principles. 

But, what exactly is Preventive Care? It is a proactive approach that includes an annual exam and x-rays, along with a bi-annual professional teeth cleaning. The exam and x-rays allow the dentist to find early signs of tooth decay, fractures, infections, wear and oral cancer. Caught early and these conditions have very little effect on tooth structure and oral health. However, conditions left unchecked and untreated lead to more invasive and more expensive procedures. 

The hygienists at Montrose DDS help ensure a lasting smile by working one-on-one with patients to develop the optimal at-home and in-office regime. 

An average adult who does not have periodontitis (gum disease) can expect to pay less on preventive services in a year than the annual cost to keep dental insurance.  Let Montrose DDS show you how regular preventive care can help save your smile and your wallet.



Healthy Gums, Healthy Smile

Periodontics is the specialty that focus on supporting structures of the teeth, particularly gum and bone tissue.

Your gums are a barometer of the health of your smile. Gum disease (periodontitis) is silent. It will not hurt until it's too late. There is no cure. Treatments only arrest or slow the disease progression. Left untreated, periodontitis leads to tooth loss. To make matters worse, there is a strong link between periodontitis and systemic chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and arthritis.

Recent longitudinal studies show that dental biofilm is the main factor of all dental disease. Biofilm is a microscopic, sticky substance on the surfaces and roots of the tooth that contain bacteria. Over time, biofilm calcifies and hardens into tartar. Everyone's immune system reacts differently to the bacteria in biofilm. 

Adverse immune response to these local irritants include bleeding gums while brushing or flossing, and gums that look puffy, shiny and smooth, similar to a water filled balloon (pictured). 

The good news is Montrose DDS can genetically test your body's unique immune response to biofilm, allowing us to develop a personalized approach to your care and treatment of periodontitis. If you notice any of the signs and symptoms, then it's time to schedule a visit with Montrose Dental Group. 



Tooth Replacement

Extraction is a dirty word at Montrose DDS. We hate giving this devastating news to our patients, especially when it's a front tooth. So much of our identity is tied to our smile. Time and time again, our patients wonder how they will be received by their family, friends and colleagues if they don't have a tooth. Their shame often leads to a decline in self-confidence. 

For those facing this obstacle, you are not alone. Many have stood exactly where you are now. The idea that you will go without a tooth should be set aside. Montrose DDS will not let that happen. There are many methods to replacing a missing tooth. Our preferred method is with dental implant. 

A dental implant is actually an artificial root below the gum line that will act to support the replacement tooth. Once completed, only those you tell and your dentist, will know you ever had a missing tooth, restoring your smile and your self confidence.

Contact Montrose DDS today to schedule your visit.